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As one of the most successful brand of the Swatch group, Omega watches are well-known all over the world. The brand has a high-end, luxurious, qualitative but mostly timeless image. Omega watches represent the quality of fine, Swiss craftsmanship, and that is exactly what their packaging must also reflect.

For the past few decades, the iconic red paper bag with silver logo has been preserved, transforming into something bigger than packaging – it became part of the gifting process of the brand.

Key to their visual brand image, it was of utmost importance that the red bags maintain identical color standards for every production. The smallest change in color or paper could convey a completely different customer experience. With several hundred thousand bags needed per year, Omega needed a partner who was able to guarantee a continuity in the quality of their packaging.



Omega’s working process for the packaging was very centralized:  all the bags would be shipped to Switzerland headquarters, whereupon  the packaging was quality checked and warehoused to be ready to be distributed to individual points of sale globally.

But here’s the catch: More than half of the brand’s sales happen in Asia. Therefore, millions of bags were shipped to Switzerland, only to be shipped back to Asia. This created unnecessary time lags, costs & increased carbon footprint.

So we decided together we designed an alternative logistics solution. A tailor-made process that turned out to be a successful collaboration in increasing efficiency while simultaneously cutting costs.





As a long term client of ours, Omega trusted us to design a custom, working process with the goal of reducing unnecessary shipping & costly warehousing.

Thanks to our close proximity to the key factories in Asia and to one of Omega’s biggest markets, we proposed and delivered a much more effective solution.

We became their key partner for global paper bag logistics. Consumeo took control of the process from start to finish, making us fully responsible for:

  1. Accomplishing the quality control standards, guaranteeing the highest, Swiss, quality in every batch,
  2. Storing the stock for all the Asian market, at the ideal temperature & humidity in order to guarantee quality, and
  3. Dispatching the necessary restock for all of Omega’s global markets directly from China.



Thanks to our customized logistics process, Omega was able to reduce unnecessary transportation and expensive warehousing in Switzerland.

By doing so, they were able to control costs, but also have a significantly lower impact on the environment by making the logistics chain as efficient as possible. Because our warehousing facilities are ideally geographically-located, we were also able to deliver packaging much faster to the necessary points of sale.

Our tailor-made solution worked for Omega – what can we accomplish for your brand?



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