Our expertise & services

Creative design

Our design department will help you create and optimise your project until it’s ready for mass production. 


  • WE ADVISE design trends
  • WE IMPROVE your blueprints
  • WE IMAGINE new packaging solutions
Creative design


Prototyping is a fundamental step in the packaging solution process.
It ensures the output and quality of the packaging matches your expectations.
By producing our prototypes on our mass production machines, we can guarantee identical execution of  prototyping and mass production.

  • WE CREATE representative prototypes
  • WE PROVIDE reliable representation
  • WE DELIVER high quality standards


Thanks to our European management & optimum location near production, we can supervise the process in real time, allowing us to guarantee a perfect delivery of your product.

We welcome you or a third-party on-site for an audit at any time.

  • WE GUARANTEE ethical & certified production
  • WE DELIVER within your time frame & budget
  • WE SATISFY highest quality & CSR standards
Quality controls

Quality controls

Quality controls at our factories happen throughout the production process. Whether it’s before, during or after completion of the production, we guarantee the delivery of your packaging at the most demanding quality standards.

  • WE GUARANTEE excellence in quality
  • WE OFFER European quality standards
  • WE ACCEPT third party control processes


At Consumeo, we believe our job is complete only after we have ensured a worry-free delivery. You can count on us to organize the shipment of your packaging. We take care of every step: from freight costs, taxes and duties, to customs clearances and warehousing.

  • WE OFFER personalised delivery options
  • WE WAREHOUSE close to you
  • WE ARRANGE worry-free delivery

You have a packaging VISION?

We have a way to get you there. Let us guide you to the most eco-friendly, cost-conscious packaging on earth.